Radu Bercan is a photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. Eight years ago, Radu left his medicine career and made the first steps in the photography world with a Nikon D3100 and from then his passion turned into a profession. Once the needs grew, Radu invested in more technologically advanced cameras which were necessary to capture more and more fascinating travel images. His firsts interests were architecture, nature and macro photography and with the apparition of drones, the aerial images became a priority in terms of possibility to document the world in spectacular new ways. His equipment includes now a Mavic Pro drone, a mirrorless Sony a7R III camera and various lenses.

Simona Croitoru graduated University of Architecture and Urbanism in 2016. Her love for Design pushed to express herself in various related fields like Graphic Design and Jewelry Design. In 2017 Simona launched her minimalist architectural jewelry line inspired by urban shapes and architectural details. As the Creative Director of MOPHT she expanded her abilities in Branding, Website Design, Product Design and also Photography Post-Processing and Advert Design. Besides leading her brand and working as an independent Graphic Designer, Simona designs the illustrations and the graphic content at Art My House.